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Posted in Complaints, Main by guitarrgirl on April 3, 2010

Okay, so I have a lot of time on my hands lately and I decided to start a blog. Who knows if I will even get to post number two. But, hey, I will try. With so many other sites out there to make a comment on who knows. Maybe I won’t even get anyone reading this stuff. It’s not one of my goals. I am no more interesting than the next average person out here.

One thing I will say is that I really like to complain. I know, your thinking… “geeze if all you do is complain you must be a pretty negative person.” Well, maybe. Don’t pass judgment yet. I haven’t started. My favorite place to complain is while driving in the car. It makes me feel better and helps me reduce my stress while driving. I don’t have road rage or anything. But, man, people do the stupidest things while driving. Since I like to avoid crashes I pay close attention to other drivers. I wonder if some even realize they are in a car. Most of the stupid stuff I’ve seen lately are people on the phone. Now, wait… some people CAN actual do this well. Sadly, most can’t though. Even though we have recently passed laws where I live forbidding cell phone use I see it a lot. I don’t really mind seeing drivers on the phone unless they are obviously not able to handle it. Most people, I think, view the distracted driver syndrome as a recent phenomenon with the advent of cell phones. But, really, phones in cars have been around for a long time. Ever watch TV in the 70s? 80s? Lots of car phones on those shows. That doesn’t make it right though, I know. I recently got into a minor discussion about deaf drivers with someone on You Tube after they watched Marlee Matlin’s new reality pilot “My Deaf Family”. Someone pointed out a spot in the video where the mom of the family was signing while driving and purported she shouldn’t do it. I won’t get into all that too much here today. I’ll save it for another day. But, just think about it. Some drivers aren’t even good at talking with their mouth when they drive. Can you imagine? Personally, I think signing is a necessity for deaf drivers and don’t have a problem with it. Just like every one else there’s lots to be distracted about on the road. The greatest thing I love about cell phones and driving in the car is that I can call the CHP when people are so stupid they are endangering the lives of others and I can give them the driver’s location and license plate number. Gotta love that camera on the phone too, so I can snap a shot of their plate.

All right! Enough of that. My name… yes… I have been ‘guitarrgirl’ for many years on the internet and saw no reason to change that, so I will undoubtedly talk a lot about music, guitars, performers, theory, art. I am in the middle of upgrading my personal website with some of my downtime and will post more about that later.

Downtime. Yes, there has been lots of that lately so it is included here too. In  November of 2008 I was laid off from my full time job. Mostly because I have a chronic illness that was affecting my ability to work full time and the place I worked for needed to save money. I wasn’t the only one who lost a job there, but I was the only person who was living off only my income and raising kids. That really sucked! I don’t think the others got hit as hard as I did. Lots of other crappy stuff has happened as a result of that, but I don’t feel like going into that now. Most of my downtime I am feeling pretty bad and don’t have the energy to do much. When the energy does come, it comes in spurts, then results in pain for the next few days to a week. A vicious cycle. Lots of days I don’t feel well enough to venture outside, check email or answer the phone. One of the things I have been encouraged to do is journal. Yeah that has worked well, right. So, I’ve decided to try this instead. Only problem with a blog is that anyone can read it. Oh well. I’ll watch what I say.

Off to build my page. Or watch something on Hulu… can’t decide.

: )
m (<—— hoping for a better tomorrow)


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