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I love to take photos and look at look at photos, so here is where I will focus on photos.


Here are some things I found on April 1, 2010:

You Tube Logo April Fool's 2010

You Tube offers alternative TEXTp mode on videos. I thought that it was pretty cool. I like the retro computer look. Some people did not like it at all and loudly voiced their opinions. I could only get the sample videos to work in TEXTp mode on Firefox, but in Safari all the videos that had an alternate size option worked in TEXTp mode. I hoped they would keep, but haven’t checked back yet to see if they did. Most people were really up in arms about You Tube’s layout change. I can post about that another time. More to complain about.

ABCs idea of April Fool's prank Flash Forward

ABCs idea of April Fool's prank

ABC had about 12 of these fake promo cards that spoofed their own shows on April Fool’s Day last Wednesday. Some of them made me laugh. This one was the best. However, when i saw them I was short on sleep and it was in the middle of the night. Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor. Who knows.


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